Aquarium decoration

Do you want a standard or a custom aquarium? We offer consulting services, design, delivery, installation and maintenance of top quality at the best price!


As each aquarium passionate wants something special for his home or his office, we are trying to adapt these requirements and in same time we take care of the structural integrity of the tank, of the filtration and maintenance process.

We design and execute custom aquariums for both private clients and companies: banks or offices, hotels, restaurants, medical offices, bars, or any other place the client would like.

Design, implementation

The designing process of the aquariums and aquatic systems includes consulting services, reviewing the need for fishes and plants, internal design and space compliance. Aquariums can be standard or custom, with shapes and sizes of the most special.

We also offer our support for large aquariums that require special attention to transportation and installation.

  • free professional advice
  • delivery, provided mounting
  • maintenance

It's easier to prevent than to treat. And if this is what you want, we'll take care of it!

Yours is the pleasure and relaxation!

Service description

Maintenance consists of periodic visits to maintain optimum balance in the aquarium, the adjustment of water quality, fish and plant health checking, verifying proper operation of equipment in the aquarium.

A high quality service leads to a healthy aquatic environment and fish, providing relaxation and enjoyment to it’s owner.
Several tens of minutes dedicated for the aquarium weekly seems reasonable compared to the time and money spent trying to solve the problem that could have been prevented.

The most important thing to maintain it adequately is the stability of the aquarium.
As long as everything is working properly and the fishes are healthy, no major changes are needed.