Fish Farm

We are the largest breeder of exotic fish in the country, with a total capacity of over 220,000 liters of 1,000 sqm and a permanent stock of over 100 species and varieties of self-produced or imported fish.


The hatchery was established in 1998 in our first location from Cluj-Napoca. Ready to expand our business in 2003 we moved it to the current location, which is 15 km from Cluj-Napoca, in Jucu village near the Nokia factory.

In 2008, new investments were allotted in order to complete the construction of the storehouse and increase the production capacity. At that time we were producing dozens of exotic species of freshwater fish.

Since 2009, following our desire to provide our customers with a wide range of aquarium fishes, we started our collaboration with some overseas companies covering new range of exotic species of fish, plants and frozen food.
We expanded our collaboration with companies from abroad and provide species of exotic fishes produced in our hatchery.

Currently, our particular emphasis is to deliver to each of our client healthy and top quality exotic fishes.


  • 400 tanks - 300 l
  • 20 wells - 1.000 l
  • 18 wells - 3.000 l
  • 3 pools - 10.000 l
  • over 100 species and varieties of own production or imported fish